Family Picnic (3)

Most of what I’ve read this week falls under the theme of gratitude. And on this Thanksgiving Day people everywhere are especially thoughtful and expressive. Here are my two cents:

Once all of the chores are completed this morning, we’ll be traveling about a mile to my in-laws for the annual get-together at their farm. There will be a houseful of extended relations and friends, and an incredible home-cooked feast. I’ll get to spend time with some of my favorite people. It will be a very pleasant, fun, and relaxing day. Tomorrow we’ll be venturing a little farther away to a gathering of my dad’s family. It will be wonderful to see everyone, some are travelling here from South Dakota and Kansas. I’m looking forward to catching up with those we don’t see often enough and a chance to marvel at how much the kids have grown. There are no “drunk uncles” or drama at either place; we manage to keep it light and avoid any controversial conversations. Yes, it’s somewhat predictable. And I like it that way.

My family and friends are right at the top of the incredibly long list of things for which I am most grateful. The picture to accompany this post is not exactly a traditional Thanksgiving photo, but to me it expresses “family”. The people in the image are my father’s maternal side of our family, circa 1930-something. I never knew them – my grandmother died when I was very small (she’s the one at the farthest right) – but they look like people I would have gotten along with well. They seem to be having a great time and enjoying each others company. I will think about them today and will try to carry on the tradition on this Thanksgiving Day.

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