We’re spending today cleaning up after the storms that rolled through here yesterday. I’m not sure about the rainfall total, much of it was blowing sideways and didn’t make it into the rain gauge.


The worst of the damage was at a farm owned by a family member. It’s around the corner from our place and we’ve been renting a couple of the buildings there for hay and straw storage. We also keep a dozen or so cows there, along with their calves. The east wall of the shed blew completely down and the north wall is badly damaged. We spent yesterday afternoon making temporary repairs and a makeshift wall out of gates so that the cattle don’t get out, or get hurt by the remains of the wall that fell.

We also had a lot of damage to our fences caused by large trees falling on them. We spent a lot of time in the rain yesterday with the chain saw, cutting up and removing trees. We put the fences back together last night – can't have the cattle getting out. Now today we're making more repairs; re-stretching and replacing wires, posts, and insulators.

The rain will keep us out of the fields for a few days. The fall tillage work will have to wait. Until then we'll stay busy cleaning up after the storm. We're counting our blessings here. No people or cattle were hurt. The images coming out of central Illinois are horrific – so much worse than what we're dealing with. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people there.

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