It’s around noon and we’ve already had two tornado warnings here today. We’re still under a tornado watch until 4:00 pm. We’ve had a little rain and some strong winds but no real damage yet. I can’t help but wonder about our neighbors, though. I’m hoping that everyone is safe.

Funny thing about storms on a farm with cattle. They tend to bring calves. This cow calved early this morning out in the pasture, delivering a big heifer calf. So in addition to the usual storm preparation tasks, we had to get the cow and calf into the barnyard and then into the barn. Not easy to move the nervous pair, but we felt it would be best for them to be inside in the event that the weather turns severe. Beef cattle are hardy animals, but a newborn calf can often need a little extra attention. Not only are we expecting storms but the temperature is supposed to be dropping later. These temperature fluctuations are also hard on cattle.

Days like today just drive home the fact that what we do is so dependent on Mother Nature. We can only do our best for our land and our animals. The rest is out of our hands.

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