IMG_0247Another busy day harvesting corn for the guys! I did something completely different however. I talked my niece into working the farmers market for me so I could drive to Wheaton this morning to meet up with the Field Moms of the Illinois Farm Families program. We got a behind the scenes tour of a grocery store, then spent the afternoon helping out at the Northern Illinois Food Bank in Kane County. More to come about today’s experience, but it’ll have to wait.

I’m home now, but no time to blog. There’s another late night ahead in the corn field. That’s why I’m posting a cow photo today. I find that on my farm facebook page it’s the cow photos that generate the most interest. This one is of a White Park heifer that I took last month. Can you tell that she has a bit of an attitude? I only have a few head of this breed of cattle, but they seem to be great mothers and cross well with the Angus bulls. I think they’re pretty, too, something a little different. Perhaps there are more in my future!

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