"Dump on the go"

“Dump on the go”

Inspired by Holly Spangler’s “5 Things” posts, here are five things said by farmers at harvest time that I’ve found require some translation in order to be understood by the non-farmer.

1.  “Are you going?” This is not in reference to any actual event or planned occasion, or going any place in particular.  The person asking the farmer is inquiring if he or she is in the field, or making any progress with harvest.  If the answer is no, or that you’re not “going”, it’s likely that there’s a weather issue, machinery breakdown or problem of some type.  “No” means that the combine is not moving and is not a good answer.

2. “How wet is it?” This is how the farmer asks about moisture content of the crop that is being harvested. The answer will always be a number. We’re working on corn harvest now, so a good answer would be “15” meaning 15 percent moisture, although this year we’ll be happy to hear any number in the low 20’s.

3. “What did you get?” This is the question farmers ask each other after a rain. Rainfall is measured in tenths of an inch, so you’ll likely hear an answer like, “two tenths” or “an inch and 3 tenths”.

4. “Plugged up” This is not in reference to a sinus condition. Sometimes a combine, or other piece of farm machinery, will become plugged and will require stopping to remove the matter that is lodged. Plugging up is not a good thing because it means a delay.

5. “Dump on the go” This has nothing to do with wearing Depends. It means that the combine operator does not stop the combine to transfer his or her full load into the grain cart. The driver of the tractor pulling the grain cart will pull up along side of the moving combine and match speed so that the transfer can take place on the go and no one has to stop.

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