So grateful to see bright sunshine today!  The past several days have been mostly gray gloominess, so it’s nice to have the clouds move off.  The sunshine has not only lifted our spirits (yes, everyone was getting a little cranky – myself included!), it’s helped dry out the fields so that we can get back to work harvesting corn.  Barring any unexpected machinery breakdowns or other problems, we should have a very productive day today.  We’re fortunate to have extra help; my son is home from school for the weekend and my niece’s fiance is helping out by driving semi.  He’s hauling corn from the field back to the farm where it will be dried and stored in bins.  There’s another semi hauling corn from the field directly to the grain elevator in town. 

We’ll take advantage of the beautiful fall weather and the extra help today.  There’s rain in the forecast for Tuesday so we’ll be working as late as possible tonight and then again tomorrow.  I hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are!

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