005This time of year, for us, everything revolves around harvesting the crops. And harvest progress depends largely upon the weather. We’ve had close to 2 inches of rain in the past couple of days so that means the combine is parked. A rain day during harvest season doesn’t mean a day off, it’s a day to catch up on things that have been neglected.

So, on the list for today was lengthy: extra cattle chores, trips to town for parts and supplies, and lots of machine maintenance. The vet came by to pregnancy check a group of heifers and take a look at a bull with a sore hoof. We cleaned out the combine cab (which gets used as a mobile office this time of year) and cleaned the head and filters, etc. The grain dryer got a bearing replaced, and we worked on fence maintenance.

We also spent time in the office, trying to make a dent in the mountain of paperwork that has piled up. I’m pretty sure that non-farm people have no idea how much record keeping and office work is necessary in farming – it’s not all physical labor. This indoor aspect of the job is very time consuming and is becoming more important all the time.

I was also able to take time to attend a lunch time program where I was proud to represent McHenry County Farm Bureau as our organization was inducted into the McHenry County 4-H Hall of Fame. It was great to see friends and recognize those who contribute to such an important program in our community.

For now, we’ll keep checking the radar and listening to updated weather forecasts. Until it’s dry enough to get back in the field, we’ll stay busy here. There is never a dull moment or shortage of work on the farm!